WP 3: Strategies for standardised and comprehensive environmental communication towards stakeholders

The main objective in WP3 is to design an Environmental Identification Document (EID) identifying the most critical and relevant sustainability information that should accompany a food item through the supply chain. This “environmental ID” will cover the key environmental indicators identified in WP2. The idea of EID is to provide a practical and efficient scheme for the food supply chain, where food companies (SMEs included) can focus on key indicators and thus reduce the cost of setting up a sustainability monitoring programme.

At the same time, a communication strategy for the implementation of a common Environmental Document including a communication platform (covering data flow along the supply chain and communication to consumers/customers) will be developed.

The Work Package will:

  • design an Environmental Identification Document-EID containing the key environmental indicators of food and drink products developed in WP2 and the basic rules and protocol defining how it will function.
  • develop an easy way to communicate environmental information from EID to stakeholders and consumers (e.g. label, web, RFID – Radio Frequency IDentification).
  • implement a dynamic procedure, based on participatory methods (focus groups and observations) to accompany the communication strategy, and make successive adjustments to the EID and communication platform.

This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No 288974.