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  • EEA Signals 2012 – Building the future we want
    Signals 2012 brings together environmental issues such as sustainability, green economy, water, waste, food, governance and knowledge sharing. Signals will give you a flavour of how consumers, forward-thinking businesses and policymakers can make a difference by combining new technological tools. It will also suggest creative and effective solutions to preserve the environment. Visit website
  • “The future of water services in Europe after 2015”
    This article was published following Green Week 2012, which was organised by the European Union’s Environment Directorate-General. Past year’s theme was water. To ensure water supply sustainability, technical solutions exist involving more frequent use of alternative resources, and in particular the reuse of treated waste water. Making water supplies sustainable also means coming up with a new financial model for water ser¬vices, which will make it possible to reduce demand while ensuring continuity of service for all kinds of users. Read article
  • State of the World 2013: Is Sustainability Still Possible?
    In 'State of the World 2013: Is Sustainability Still Possible?', experts define clear sustainability metrics and examine various policies and perspectives, including geoengineering, corporate transformation, and changes in agricultural policy, that could put us on the path to prosperity without diminishing the well-being of future generations. Visit website

European projects and other European initiatives related to food and sustainability

    SALSA is a collaborative project funded by the European Commission that finishes on May 2014. SALSA overall objective is to contribute to tackle Latin America countries eco-challenges (deforestation, CO2 emission, reduced biodiversity, water–air-soil pollution, reduction in food security) related to farms productions and food chains relationships between Latin America and EU and enhance the food chains value added and competitiveness.
    RESPONDER links sustainable consumption and growth debates: The project aims at promoting sustainable consumption by assessing potential contradictions with economic growth - taking into account aspects of green growth, non-growth and de-growth.
    (European Community of Consumer Cooperatives) position papers

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