SENSE consortium is formed by a multidisciplinary team involving 23 partners from 13 countries made up by a combination of complementary profiles: research organisations (AZTI, SIK, UoI, AAU, CITY and DTU), food and drink SMEs (ZUVAMESA, TUNAY GIDA, PROVAC, CALION, FJARDALAX), IT developers (INGENET), environmental and LCA experts (ESU, EFLA and BIOZOON), SMEs for dissemination and communication and European food Associations (TRITECC, BA, CI, SGF, EAS, CLITRAVI) and SMEs for management (ZABALA).

Visit Fundación Azti's Webpage
Fundación Azti / Azti Fundazioa
Environmental tools and methodologies, LCA applied to food industry.
Visit Aalborg Universitet's Webpage
Aalborg Universitet
Value chain analysis, Governance and consumer studies, sustainability and supply chain management.
Visit The City University's Webpage
The City University
Food Policy, Social & Ethical sustainability assessment.
Visit Danmarks Tekniske Universitet's Webpage
Danmarks Tekniske Universitet
Sustainability and traceability in seafood products.
Visit SIK's Webpage
SIK - Institutet för Livsmedel och Bioteknik AB
Environmental impact models for LCA Environmental tools and methodologies, LCA applied to food industry.
Visit Haskoli Islands' Webpage
Haskoli Islands
Applied Supply Chain Systems Research Group: environmental indicators, LCA data, traceability, focus on transport of fish
and poultry.
SGF Service Plus
SGF Service Plus GmbH
European fruit juice producers association: Sustainability protocols for fruit/fruit juice processing.
Visit European Aquaculture Society's Webpage
European Aquaculture Society
European Aquaculture Society: Sustainability protocols and indicators for aquaculture.
Visit Biozoon's Webpage
Biozoon GmbH
Consultancy on environmental data collection in their area of influence.
Anne Catharina Bech
Consumer Insight - Anne Catharina Bech
Consultancy on consumer studies on sustainable development.
ESU-services GmbH
ESU-services GmbH
LCA Consultancy.
Salmon aquaculture company.
Tritecc SRL
Tritecc SRL
Consultancy experienced in dissemination and communication of EU projects.
Ingenet Ingeniería de Informática y Control SL
Software tool to support environmental information.
General engineering and consulting company : environmental assessment and LCA analysis .
Provac Impex SRL
Meat producer.
Centre de Liaison des Industries Transformatrices de Viandes de l'Union Européene
European meat association: Sustainability protocols and indicators for meat.
Calion Prod SRL
Calion Prod SRL
Dairy processing factory.
Visit BA Creativos' Webpage
BA! Creativos SL
Consultancy on promotion and communication.
Zabala Innovation Consulting, S.A.
Management of EC funded projects and knowledge management.

This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No 288974.